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3 Days, 2 Nights Mombasa SGR Holiday Packages

Lets’ getaway to Mombasa in 4 hours aboard the Madaraka express, prices inclusive of transfers to and from the hotel.

3 Days & 5 Days 4 nights SGR Mombasa/Diani Holiday  Deals.

Hotels location 3 days 2 nights deals 5 days 4 nights deals meal plan
plaza beach hotel North coast ksh 13,000 ksh 20,500 Halfboard
neptune Bamburi North coast ksh 19,100 ksh 30,600 all inclusive
Bamburi beach hotel North coast ksh 19,700 ksh 27,600 al inclusive
amani tiwi south coast ksh 19,800 ksh 35,900 al inclusive
Baobab beach resort Diani ksh 21,900 ksh 37,700 al inclusive
Neptune paradise south coast ksh 21800 ksh 37,800 al inclusive
pride inn paradise North coast ksh 21,800 ksh 38,100 Halfboard
southern palms south coast ksh 22,800 ksh 32,700 al inclusive
sarova whitesands North coast ksh  25,450 ksh 45,400 Halfboard
flamingo beach resort North coast ksh 16,300 ksh 27,650 al inclusive
serena beach resort North coast ksh 26,700 ksh 48,800 Halfboard
voyager beach resort North coast ksh 21,500 ksh 37,500 al inclusive
severin sea lodge North coast ksh 20,700 ksh 36,600 Halfboard
swahili beach resort south coast ksh 26,550 ksh 42,200 Halfboard
English point marina North coast ksh 24,600 ksh 49,000 Halfboard
Diani reef beach resort south coast ksh 20,300 ksh 37,900 Halfboard
leopard beach resort south coast ksh 25,800 ksh 44,500 Halfboard
leisure lodge south coast ksh 19,200 ksh 32,50 Halfboard
diani sea resort south coast ksh 22,430 ksh 37,900 al inclusive
Diani sea lodge south coast ksh 19,000 ksh 30,800 al inclusive
Reef hotel North coast ksh 20,700 ksh 36,600 al inclusive
Neptune village south coast ksh 20,000 ksh 34,800 al inclusive
Travellers beach resort North coast ksh 24,300 ksh 43,800 al inclusive
Hillpark Amare south coast ksh 20,240 ksh 33,500 al inclusive
sands at chale south coast ksh 38,540 ksh 70,100 Halfboard
sand at nomad south coast ksh 28,860 ksh 50,700 Halfboard
Neptune palm south coast ksh 24,200 ksh 43,500 al inclusive

What’s included
– 2 nights’ or 4 nights accommodation in a preferred hotel.
– Transport based on train (Economy class).
– Transfers to and from the hotel based on shared transport(minimum 7-8 pax)
– Meals as per each hotel’s specification
– Day and night entertainment.
– Use of hotel facilities.

What’s Excluded

– Lunch on the last day.
– Any other personal expense not included

Kindly Note:
• The total cost is based on per person sharing
• Rates are subject to availability that’s including the train tickets.
• Transfers are based on 2 pax in a van hence reduction/if you are more than 3 people the rates will reduce.
• Single rates and non-resident supplements apply.
Hotel rates may change due to occupancy increase.(for voyager beach resort only)
• Bookings will be confirmed once 50% payments have been made
• Rooms and Train tickets are subject to availability the earlier you book the better
• The rate is based on the said date of travel and MAY change with
the alteration of the date