Untapped  Honeymoon destinations in Bountiful Measure.

Move over diamonds, a wife’s best friend is a destination honeymoon. To wake up to the warm glow of the sun on your skin and the warm salty wind from the ocean in Zanzibar. 
To be wined and dined by her prince charming under the bright blue sky in the presence of a myriad of stars in Seychelles. Never missing the sun as it dips it’s fiery tongue into the sea, with intertwined fingers and hearts. 
To be one with nature at the home of the big five at a Kenyan safari. 
To hike mountains and gasp in awe at the view on top of the mountain and track animals in the plains they call home in the Mara. 

To cascade the sand dunes of the Egyptian desert by night and weave through the numerous malls and theme parks in Dubai by day. Filling in your lungs with the dry desert air carrying the splendid mood around. 
To watch the world beneath the sea from a glass-bottom boat in Malindi or face to face with glass in between in an aquarium in Dubai.
To scream your heart out with utter excitement on the barracuda or glide in the sky in a hot air balloon. 
To enjoy the royal  hotel experience in Abu Dhabi or sip your cold drink at the underwater bar. 
To go wine tasting at a real vineyard or get a chance to see the real version of Penguins of Madagascar.

Diamonds are worn; these memories of a magical honeymoon are carved in careful calligraphy in her heart. From where she reaches fondly from time to time to relive.

As these images fill your mind, tagging at your heart; the name Bountiful Safaris is stamped on every magical Honeymoon destination package. We do not compromise on quality, ensuring that each memory you bring back is precious and unique. 
We strive at creating a lasting relationship, not a one-travel-stand.

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